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Social Media Basics

Understanding the Social Media Basics can be difficult in a world when technology is constantly changing. When it comes to social media basics for businesses it can seem impossible to figure out. Luckily, understanding the Social Media Basics will help you and your company excel where other companies fail.

Set Up

The first thing you need to do for your company is make sure that your page is marked as a business page. When you go in to Facebook, you do not want to start a new profile and make it look like another Facebook user. What you want to do is sign in under your name, go to the top dashboard and click on create. From there you will click on the page button and you will follow the directions they give you.

If you want to have an Instagram page (which is good practice), you must have a Facebook business page first. Once that is done you will go in to your Instagram and click on your settings, click on sign up for a business profile, and then click on sign up. From there it will have you follow the directions.


For Twitter, you will create a new account, since you can only have one account per email, and then it will have you confirm your email and build a basic timeline. It is the same process for a YouTube account They do not have actual business accounts so it will be treated as a normal twitter and YouTube account.

To get more in depth on how to set up your social media sites read “How to Create Business Social Media.”

Spreading the Word

Now that your social media is all set up it can be difficult to know how to get the word out and gain followers. First things first, have your employees follow your site, and follow them back. From there add your social media to your business cards, websites, and apps. When regular customers see that you now have an easier way for them to see new items, receive deals, and keep in touch, they will jump on the opportunity.

Another great way to spread the word about your new social media is in your advertising. Put it on your windows for the window shoppers to look at later, put it on your paper ads for your locals to re-pull up your deals, put it in your emails for your clients to see there are other ways to keep in touch now.

Any time your customers see that there are other ways for them to contact you and see what is new with the company they will appreciate the offer. In fact, 61% of customers want to hear from you more often (

People also love receiving deals. Running specials or deals on social media creates a drive for you customers to follow you and makes them want to keep up with your page. The more you keep them in the loop about advertising and give them special deals for being a part of your social media, the more they will want to be a part of it.

Do’s and dont’s

For a company social media there are a few basic things people want to avoid and that they want to do in order to be successful. First off, never talk about your personal life on your business’ social media. Not only does it create a bias as to what your company is, it takes away the idea that it is a company. That doesn’t mean don’t state an opinion. If you sell car parts and this is your favorite brand of muffler, state how much you like it and why, but don’t bring in anything about your personal life while doing it. Second, don’t post without a plan. When you start posting without a plan your posts become scattered and seem to be without thought.

That will make people begin to distrust the company and begin to unfollow your social media. Third, do talk about more that just deals. Social media is supposed to be fun and friendly post pictures about new arrivals, workers, and holidays. That way your viewers will feel as though it isn’t just marketing. Lastly, communicate with your audience. When people post on your site via comment or direct message, message them back. It is extremely important for your customers to know that you want a relationship with them on every platform. If you would like more information on do’s and don’ts of social media read “How to Create Business Social Media.”

Understanding the Social Media Basics can be menacing, but with these tricks and tips, you will be a pro in no time.

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