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How to Meaningfully Post on Social Media

When you are going through the process of learning how to create and use social media for your company, it is important to know how to make the content meaningful for your users. In order to do that, you need to recognize what your age group is and really who your reaching out to. That way you create according to what they are going to want to see. After you have done that, you are going to want to start developing the patterns and timelines that will make your social media appropriate and noteworthy.


Generally, your audience is identified when you start your business. If you don’t know what it is, if you feel it has changed, or if you can’t remember, now is the time to go through and identify who your business is attracting. For example, if you have a fishing gear company, your audience will generally be men, ages 40-60, who are outdoorsy, have a fair amount of free time, and eat meat. With this information you can start creating your posts ahead of time and know how to create a social media environment that they would enjoy and want to see. On the other hand, if you didn’t know who your audience is, you could end up starting to post outside of that range of the audience which could cause you to lose followers.

Patterns and Timelines

When you are doing social media, this is one of the most important aspects of making your social media worthwhile to those who view it. When someone looks at a social media site, they are much more likely to follow a site that follows a posting pattern with a timeline than someone who posts sporadically with random information.

Posting patterns will look different on different social medias. For example, on Facebook you don’t need to post a picture with every post but in order to post on Instagram you must post a picture or video. Because of the variations between social medias, its best to talk about patterns in an A-B-C form. For example, if you are on Twitter or Facebook, you’re A-post is text and your B-post is a picture. If you are on Instagram, your A-post is now a picture that’s light in nature and your B-post is the same picture you used for Facebook and Twitter, but it is darker in nature (look at photo for reference). You can get as complex as you would like with these patterns if you continue to follow the A-B-C pattern. The reason you need a pattern is because it causes the eye to continue down the page and to get drawn throughout your page like artwork. If you have random things posted, it can catch their eye and they can get stuck there which is never good. A good rule of thumb for posting things that don’t follow your pattern is posting them on your story.



Posting with a timeline is the next thing that is extremely important to talk about. To steadily gain followers, a social media page should be posting at least once a day. With that information, a timeline is needed in order to stay focused on what is being posted day to day and not get out of order. The timeline can be the same from month to month or week to week, but they need to be something that is easy to follow along with so that the person in charge of social media doesn’t start posting the wrong things. We have an example below of a general timeline that you can use for reference as you are building yours.

Another aspect of the timeline is knowing what time of day to post. Different age groups are on at different times of day. For example, if you are dealing with twenty-five to forty-year old’s, they are generally on from 12-1:00 during their lunch, 2-3 during the time when they’re feeling tired, and 9-10 while they’re relaxing before they go to bed. As a rule of thumb, you always want to post around 15-30 minutes before they are about to get on. That way it is on there for them to like right when they are on and it is at the top of the feed.

There are a lot of elements in order to create meaningful social media posts. At Volair Interactive, we offer full social media marketing so that you don’t have to worry about this aspect of your business.

When used correctly social media can drive a business to becoming the top in their expertise. It is important to use it as much as possible to help build relationships with customers and show them what really drives you as a company. If you follow these steps, you will be able to create meaningful social media for all your followers in no time.

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