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This Local Salon Business has been open for over 13 years in a town of 28,000, with 16 salons, and 2 cosmetology schools to compete with.  In order to improve their Google Rating, they started up with ReviewLift. Before they started using ReviewLift they had 55 reviews in 3 years with a ranking of 4.2.  In their first 6 months they sent out 110 reviews, and had 83% of those invited leave a review on Google. Their ranking also increased to 4.5

Company Details

Before Review Lift

  • Amount of reviews: 55
  • Company ranking: 4.2
  • First review left: 3 years ago

After 1 Month Using Review Lift

  • 110 review requests sent
  • Amount of reviews: 92
  • Company ranking: 4.5

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