Seven Tips For Blogging

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When it comes to blogging, lots of small business owners excuse it as something to do once they have expanded into a larger corporation. Blogging can majorly improve the online reputation of a business, thus it is important for every business, including small businesses, to blog so that they can expand their reach. Blogging not only helps expand a business’ reach but it helps display your company’s voice and makes your business feel more personable to your clients. Below are seven reasons you should start blogging for your small business.

Blogging Helps Your Rankings

When you write a blog and post it on a website, it counts as another page. The more pages you have on a website the higher ranked you are in Google. Also, if you show Google that your site is being updated regularly it will boost it so that google will recheck your site, which is essential for your site for having a high listing.

Blogging Is Shareable

When you share your blog on social media, it creates a funnel to your site creating a lot of traffic to your site. Having your blogs centered around reviews and what your customers are wanting will create higher reviews and increase your reputation on social media.

Blogging Makes You Money

Posting a blog post gives a little information about what you and your company is about. When your company has prospective customers looking at your site, they can look at your blogs and learn what you are all about easier than just looking at your services. These potential customers can then become your long-term clients.

Blogging And Linked-In

Posting your blogs on Linked-In can be beneficial for your business. As your business grows, other companies and business professionals can see what your company is all about and they can help spread what your company is doing in the professional world. This not only gets you visibility but recognition in your industry.

Blogging And Your Social Identity

Blogging is the perfect place to give a behind the scenes look into what goes on in your company and how things work. When you share this with your customers, they can begin to see what your company’s future holds. Posting your blog posts on social media with captivating captions not only draws them back to your social media but it keeps them supporting your business in the long run.

Blogging Helps You With Your Customers

Blogs have a comment section and from there your customers can comment, ask questions, or leave positive or negative feedback. This is important so that you can see what your customers are thinking and what they are wanting from your business. It is also an excellent place to interact with customers to answer their questions and give feedback for concerns. This will not only increase your online reputation but build rapport with your customers.

Blogging Helps You Find Your Target Audience

Blogging is supposed to be created specifically for your target audience. If you are a motocross company, you wouldn’t be making a blog post about the benefits of losing weight, you would be creating things that would draw business to your site such as: new tracks opening this year, comparing the top brand bikes, and so on. Having topics like that will increase your credibility and help attract more customers in the long run.

Blogging is essential now days for the growth of a company. If you feel like you do not have time, our team here at Volair Interactive would love to help you with your writing and can create content for you as often as you would like. We can not only help you grow your business but help increase your online reputation.


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