Positive Business Reviews (Why They Matter)

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Increased Profit

Reviews can mean the world to businesses. Positive reviews can enhance a business and give trust to the customer. Negative reviews can destroy your business and make no one want to come. How can good reviews really affect a business? According to a study by Bright-local, consumers tend to spend 31% more on products or services from businesses that have “excellent” reviews. 

Customer Trust

Having positive business reviews will gain the trust of your customers and they will more often than not buy from you. It is also predicted that you business’ revenue will increase about 5-9% with every start that is gained from reviews.

Positive business reviews can also increase a customers trust. This can lead to more sales, like we mentioned above, but it can also lead to more loyalty from your customer. When a customer trusts you and your company, they will normally come back and try to buy again and again and again.

Customer Preference

Aside from your customers trusting you and your company gaining more revenue, positive reviews can also lead to your business being used more. According to the same BrightLocal study, 57% of customers won’t use a business that has fewer than 4 stars. That’s over half of your potential customers who may not come to you because you have less than 4 stars.

While it may seem difficult to improve your Google Stars, the more reviews you have, most likely the more stars you will have. Asking for more reviews is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get more reviews. Having even a sticky note on your desk will remind you and your customer about reviews, which addresses your hardest part about the review process: remembering. With the ReviewLift program, you can also simplify the customers part as well. ReviewLift allows you to send a text to your customer which will take them directly to your google listing. This takes less than 10 seconds in all, and so your customer can quickly be on their way. If you have any questions, please go to our contact page.

PPC advertising is a very effective way to advertise. Imagine if a customer were able to walk into your store and you could automatically hand them exactly what they wanted. With PPC advertising businesses can target specific audiences to get a greater click through rate. In essence PPC allows a business to spend their money in purposeful ways to advertise their products or services right to the customers who are looking for them. PPC is a great advertising channel that can help reach customers who are already ready to make purchases.

As consumers shop more on the internet and brick and mortar stores continue to be disrupted it is essential for a business to have an online presence to survive in the ever evolving tech world. Working through a few simple digital marketing channels, a business can reap huge rewards and make their business presence known and stand out. Contact us if you want help making an online presence for your business!


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